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Protected Folder
Effective Files Protection Tool Guarantees the Security of Important Folders, Data and Privacy!

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Protected Folder
Effective Files Protection Tool Guarantees the Security of Important Folders, Data and Privacy!
IObit Protected Folder is an easy-to-use encryption tool to protect sensitive files or prevent them from being deleted. The data is not only encrypted but also hidden from other computer users.
This folder locker is easy to manage, just need to set a password, and then this password will be used to lock down these folders without any other support. Once someone wants to check or change the files, password access will be needed!

iObit Protected Folder Key

  • More Powerful Files Protection Tool
    Want to avoid important files being deleted by accident? How to keep specified files only available to view not modify? Protected Folder will be the one you need! Just set a password to lock down important files and data, you will get more effective protection for these folders.
  • Enhanced Privacy Protection Mode
    There are prying eyes everywhere trying to access to your private files, Protected Folder Windows 10 defends your private data and files. Password access is always needed no matter who wants to get the protected personal information. No more worries about privacy leaking!
  • Safer Files & Data Locker
    Virus, spyware and ransomware still are threat to the security for your important files and private data. For instance, the wide spread WannaCry extorted users by encrypting files. Protected Folder optimized engine to let it keep locking files even if the PC is suffering malicious attack.
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